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About Us

HERMES INFOSOFT LLP was founded by two experienced management consultants looking to deliver high value services to small and mid-sized businesses at a competitive price point. HERMES offers latest technology and high quality Business Consulting, System Consulting and Outsourcing service.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive set of services to clients looking for business partners as part of their long term evolution. We deliver on our client promise and have a strong and referencable client base. We are proud of our clients, share in their success, and empathize with their challenges.

We strive to help our clients achieve greater efficiencies and productivity through leading operating practices, modern technology systems, and sound advice. We accomplish these goals by developing great relationships with a “whole picture” emphasis on business processes, organization structure, technology environment, and overall business strategy.

But beyond being just software developers and architects, HERMES consultants are your mentors. Allies. Have-to-solve-it, tenacious consultants that focus on the one thing that matters to you: keeping ahead in this ever-changing technical landscape.

Core Capabilities

  • Technology Consulting

    HERMES Infosoft’s consulting capability extends beyond traditional business knowledge services. With our insight into future business trends and drivers along with the enabling features needed to support them, HERMES INFOSOFT has assimilated the most extensive consulting skills sets and capabilities in the SME market to deliver end to end knowledge services to the key sectors we operate in.

  • Custom Software Development

    As a custom software development, we often get a lot of challenges. Challenges that are not always what you would expect. We get many requests for software in a wide variety of vertical industries and we often are faced with something new. This means that we are constantly evolving and learning, whether it be technologies, business YOUR BUSINESS or just improvements on code and quality. We have been building software for a wide variety of industries and clients, covering e-learning to recruiting, from property to finance.

  • Enterprise Application Integration

    One major challenge of organizations is that the various systems in use need to be linked together yet they often reside on different operating systems, use different database solutions and different computer languages, and in some cases are legacy systems with some no longer being supported by the vendor who originally created them. Our expertise as Enterprise Application Integrators involves the linking of such applications within a single organization or range of organizations together in order to simplify and automate business processes to the greatest extent possible, while at the same time avoiding having to make sweeping changes to the existing applications or data structures.

  • Mobility Strategy and Development

    At Hermes Infosoft, we take a holistic approach towards mobile app development. We first understand your objectives in detail to create a user engagement strategy. Then we bring in appropriate latest mobile technologies and frameworks to implement the strategy and launch your mobile app. Once your mobile app is out in the market, we can help you analyze mobile app usage patterns and tweak the strategy accordingly. By refining both the strategy and technology over a period of time, approximately around six months, we can ensure that your mobile app has the best user experience and stands out in the iTunes App store or Google play store.

  • Technical Education and Mentoring

    At Hermes Infosoft, we are passionate about two things – technology and education. We are the organization who believes in the empowering and engaging use of technology through our services which are designed to develop a sense of structure and focus which can contribute effectively to the resolution of key organizational challenges. We rely on partners & consultants who provide support and guidance to our valued customers.

  • Independent Software Review

    We will rate your software and review all aspects of your application, using our clear and well-conceived scoring system. Our review process is based on our rich experience in software industry. Our evaluation report will help you to identify areas for improvement and taking some of the guesswork out of what rating your software will receive on software download sites.

  • Application Maintenance and Enhancement

    Software enhancements & maintenance can be performed out of our office with our experienced software development and delivery team. We can provide fixed price quotations for larger projects or simply perform the work on a time and materials basis. At all times work is performed using our Process Mentor software development methodology to produce the highest quality result at the lowest possible price.


Our Clients

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